Aromatherapy can be described as the complementary therapy that “smells nice”.

In days gone by the word ‘nice’, was commonly used when discussing fine food or complimenting a good meal, but in fact Aromatherapy is very closely linked with the foods we eat and the reactions we have to food. Our physical and emotional state depends on the balance of our five senses. Consider your reactions when you think of your own experiences. Aromatherapy uses the abundance of nature to balance our senses and to make us more aware of the pleasures that are around us at all times. So, yes Aromatherapy does ‘smell nice’ but it is SO much more. 

Essential oils are absorbed into the body either through the pores of the skin during a relaxing massage with long strokes, or by inhalation through the nose. It is believed that minute molecules within the oils enter through the bloodstream into the nervous system, thereby influencing emotional and physical well-being, but also strengthening the immune system with the essential oils’ anti-microbial properties.

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